Turkey Hill 枫糖奶油夹心饼干 400克

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  • 由加拿大纯天然枫叶糖浆制作而成
  • 400克,包含18块枫叶型饼干
  • 浓郁奶油夹心遇上可口枫叶糖浆,带给你美妙的味觉体验
  • 加拿大制造
  • 由Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd公司出品
Delicious melt-in-your mouth cookies!
We purchased these incredible cookies on a recent trip to Quebec and immediately fell in love with them.  The maple cream filling tastes like your grandmother made it & the cookie is good enough to stand alone.  I just wish we could buy them locally in Georgia.
来自: 匿名用户 | 日期: 2016/10/22 20:50
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Maple cream cookies
Just been to canada and brought home some cookies they were absolutely delicious and now i want more  they were just the best can you buy them in australia
来自: 匿名用户 | 日期: 2016/11/23 2:45
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A friend brought me a gift of Maple Cream Cookies from her trip to Canada. I am buying them for my friends...so good. I was leary of them being too sweet but they are just right and between the almost non flavored cookies it is a perfect taste.
来自: 匿名用户 | 日期: 2017/2/2 19:18
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I discovered them at the airport before flying to Spain. I ordered them through this web site. I had to "fight" with customs here and Spanish post, because they missed them but finally I won!!!! I got them.....they are delicious!!!!
来自: 匿名用户 | 日期: 2017/6/7 5:27
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Canadian Maple Creme Cookies
These are the best boxed cookies that I’ve eaten.  I bought two boxes (chocolate and vanilla) from the CN Tower, in Toronto, before returning home in Maryland, USA.  We are eating them sparingly to make them last!   I already started searching on the internet for where I can order more.   Delicious!
来自: 匿名用户 | 日期: 2018/7/17 22:23
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Biscuits canadiens
Ils sont délicieux
来自: 匿名用户 | 日期: 2018/7/21 7:43
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Absolutely fabulous cookies
Just returned from a trip to Niagara falls where we tried these cookies and just couldn't get enough of them, they are absolutely delicious and we had to bring some home with us to the United Kingdom.
I was hoping I could order some from you but I just cannot afford the $80 shipping.....such a shame.
Need to save up and make a return visit to Canada as soon as I can
来自: Alan | 日期: 2018/9/17 15:18
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My mother recently bought these home to Australia from her Canada trip and they are some of the most delicious biscuits ever!!! Perfectly sweet and creamy, but not too much so. My father  isn’t a fan of sweets, but he loved these two, which is really saying something.
来自: 匿名用户 | 日期: 2018/12/2 3:05
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light creamy with an awesome shortbread cookie!
totally the best filled cookie I've eaten!
来自: 匿名用户 | 日期: 2019/7/19 23:24
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Southern Lady
Bought a box of Maple Cream Cookie while on a trip to Halifax. Love these cookies! So glad I can order them on line. Unique maple leaf design and taste delightful.
来自: 匿名用户 | 日期: 2019/9/30 18:22
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I got my maple cookies at a Christmas fair in London, they were absolutely amazing I live in uk so looking online to buy some more 🤗
来自: 匿名用户 | 日期: 2019/12/18 12:22
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冰酒枫糖曲奇 200 克

  • 由加拿大纯天然枫叶形状枫叶糖浆和冰酒制作而成
  • 200克,包含 9 块枫叶型饼干
  • 浓郁奶油夹心遇上可口冰酒加枫叶糖浆,带给你美妙的和从未有过的味觉体验
  • 不含酒精
  • 加拿大制造
  • 由Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd公司出品
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    Turkey Hill 巧克力枫糖奶油夹心饼干 400克

    • 由加拿大纯天然枫叶糖浆制作而成
    • 400克,包含18块巧克力枫叶型饼干
    • 浓郁的黑巧克力饼干遇上可口枫叶糖浆,带给你美妙的味觉体验
    • 加拿大制造
    • 由Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd公司出品

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  • 100%天然枫叶糖浆制成,独特枫叶糖浆味,口感顺滑,味道浓郁
  • 由加拿大魁北克省Turkey Hill公司生产,百分百加拿大制造
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    Turkey Hill枫糖牛奶巧克力 100g

    • 重量:100克
    • 牛奶巧克力加入百分百纯正枫叶糖浆制作而成
    • 由加拿大国民巧克力品牌Laura Secord出品的牛奶巧克力融合枫叶糖浆,带给您美妙的味觉体验。

    Turkey Hill 枫浆糖块 63 克装

  • 包含9 颗枫叶糖块,净重63 克
  • 精致枫叶形状糖块
  • 100%天然枫叶糖浆制成,独特枫叶糖浆味,口感顺滑,味道浓郁
  • 由加拿大魁北克Turkey Hill公司生产,百分百加拿大制造
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    枫糖夹心牛奶巧克力 81克

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