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    Big Bear Hug 兒童繪本

    製造商: GGS

    商品品號: 01030033
    庫存信息: 有貨

    A huge bear is wandering through the forest - but wait a minute! Who's that he's hugging? A beaver? And a moose? And a bird? And a tree?

    Welcome to the world of Big Bear Hug, a contemporary fable about a bear who has an appetite for hugging everything in sight - even creatures that bears have been known to eat. One day, the benevolent bear meets up with a human. This human proceeds to do something the bear cannot understand: he raises his axe and begins to cut down a tree. Suddenly the bear doesn't feel like hugging anymore and must make a difficult decision on how to stop this destruction in his forest.

    The environmental message of Big Bear Hug is both funny and powerful, while simple enough to engage very young children and show them the awesome power of a hug.

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    • 尺寸: 20厘米*11厘米*1厘米
      材質: 合成橡膠


    • 粉色兒童襪,可愛卡通駝鹿圖案
    • 嬰幼兒尺寸,3-5歲,5-8歲
    • 材料:80%棉,15%聚酯纖維,5%彈性纖維
    • 襪子底部有防滑設計





    • 加拿大國旗圖案文具套裝
    • 包括鉛筆、直尺、橡皮和削筆刀各一個
    • 粉色卡通麋鹿圖案,簡潔經典