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    Moose Wars 短袖T恤

    商品品號: 02020060
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    • 材料:100%全棉
    • 尺寸:男女皆宜
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    not from Toronto
    I like a lot of your shirts, but I am from Alberta and it does not quite work to have it say Toronto on the shirts.
    Is there any way of getting these shirts with out Toronto, and just say Canada
    來自: 匿名用戶 | 日期: 2016/8/15 下午 05:28
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    • Sculpture of beaver in traditional styling
    • Made in Canada
    • The Inuit carved small sculptures of animals and human figures depicting everyday activities and the animals that make up the integral part of their lives.
    • These sculptures, by various contemporary artists, are carved in the traditional style and reproduced from a blend of natural minerals and man made binders which simulates the look and feel of soapstone.
    • Non-toxic and environmentally safe, each piece is molded, cast and hand polished with a naturally derived wax.


    6.5厘米高 Q 版麋鹿劃船造型手工樹脂雪球,藍色船型底座,晃動時球內會有雪花飄落。


    Canadian Triathlon 短袖T恤

    • 材料:100%全棉
    • 尺寸:男女皆宜


    • 黑色加拿大國旗圖案短袖T-shirt
    • 材料:100%全棉
    • 尺寸:男女皆宜

    Dam it 海貍形象短袖T恤

    • 材料:100%全棉
    • 尺寸:男女皆宜