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    Turkey Hill 楓糖奶油夾心餅幹 400克

    商品品號: 03040011
    庫存信息: 有貨

    • 由加拿大純天然楓葉糖漿制作而成
    • 400克,包含18塊楓葉型餅幹
    • 濃郁奶油夾心遇上可口楓葉糖漿,帶給你美妙的味覺體驗
    • 加拿大制造
    • 由Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd公司出品
    • 很一般
    • 非常好
    Delicious melt-in-your mouth cookies!
    We purchased these incredible cookies on a recent trip to Quebec and immediately fell in love with them.  The maple cream filling tastes like your grandmother made it & the cookie is good enough to stand alone.  I just wish we could buy them locally in Georgia.
    來自: 匿名用戶 | 日期: 2016/10/22 下午 08:50
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    Maple cream cookies
    Just been to canada and brought home some cookies they were absolutely delicious and now i want more  they were just the best can you buy them in australia
    來自: 匿名用戶 | 日期: 2016/11/23 上午 02:45
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    A friend brought me a gift of Maple Cream Cookies from her trip to Canada. I am buying them for my friends...so good. I was leary of them being too sweet but they are just right and between the almost non flavored cookies it is a perfect taste.
    來自: 匿名用戶 | 日期: 2017/2/2 下午 07:18
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    I discovered them at the airport before flying to Spain. I ordered them through this web site. I had to "fight" with customs here and Spanish post, because they missed them but finally I won!!!! I got them.....they are delicious!!!!
    來自: 匿名用戶 | 日期: 2017/6/7 上午 05:27
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    冰酒楓糖曲奇 200 克



    楓葉棒棒糖 20克

    • 楓葉形狀棒棒糖
    • 百分百楓葉糖漿制成
    • 獨立包裝,防壓防碎

    冰酒黑巧克力 50 克



    3D立體多倫多CN Tower冰箱貼

    • 3維立體激光切割冰箱貼,有多倫多標誌建築CN塔,羅渣市中心和市政廳等
    • 材料:木質
    • 尺寸: 6.5厘米長 X 6.5厘米寬
    • 加拿大制造


    • 3維立體激光切割冰箱貼,有多倫多標誌建築CN塔,羅渣市中心,市政廳和街車等
    • 材料:木質
    • 尺寸: 6.5厘米長 X 6.5厘米寬
    • 加拿大制造

    楓糖夾心牛奶巧克力 81克

    包括9顆楓葉形狀夾心牛奶巧克力,內含百分百純正楓葉糖漿。與加拿大國民巧克力品牌Laura Secord合作,帶給您經典巧克力的美味體驗。