Frequently Asked Questions

1. Registering

Shopping Online with UCanada

For the time being, UCanada Shopping Online is only accessible to the registered members. If you want to shop online with us now, register free with us and become a member. You can enjoy all kinds of special promotion, discount and reward points once you have activated your account. You can also track the status of your orders.

Please click "Registration" icon now

Becoming a UCanada MEMBER

1. It's easy. Just click the "New Member Registration" icon. Use your email address, provide the required information and you are registered as the UCanada member. All you have to do now is to activate your account

2. Activating your account

Our system will send an Email Verification to the email account you provided. Please log into your email account and open the Email Verification email send by our customerservice@ucanada.com. Click the link in this email in order to verify your email and activate your account. You may then change to your designed password. To ensure you receive our email, please add customerservice@ucanada.com to your email address book.

As a member, you can log into "My Account" using your designed password, manage your orders, check order history and all the necessary and relevant information.

All of us at UCanada make a commitment to YOU, our members, that your personal information will be kept private and confidential and will be held securely with us. We use sophisticated encryption technology and secure servers to keep your personal information safe. We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts the transmitted information. Your shopping is also protected against unauthorized access. We may contact you to verify the accuracy of the information supplied when registering your account.

Benefits of Membership

Five specific benefit schemes are designed only for our Registered Members:

  1. The UCanada Accumulated Reward Points System. As a Registered Member, you will enjoy Reward Points accumulated through individual purchases. Your Reward Points can only be used as equivalent to cash when you are shopping with UCanada online. Please view the Accumulated Reward Point section for specific detail.
  1. The UCanada Special Discount Coupons. As an appreciation to all members supporting the UCanada Online Shopping endeavor, Special Discount Coupons are distributed irregularly through membership. This will provide the most direct cost savings to our members shopping online with us. Please view the Special Discount Coupons section for specific detail.
  1. The UCanada Free Gifts. We have prepared all kinds of free gift for you to enhance your online shopping pleasure. According to your pre-tax amount of purchase, you can select from the Shopping Cart the free gift you like. The free gift and your ordered products will be shipped together to you. Please view the Free Gift section for specific detail.
  1. The UCanada Free Delivery Scheme within Canada. When you purchase a pre-tax amount of $100 or more, and the delivery address is in Canada, you can enjoy the regular delivery free of charge. Please view the Shipping section for specific detail.
  1. The UCanada Free Delivery Scheme for China. When you purchase a pre-tax amount of $168 or more, and the delivery address is in Mainland China, you can enjoy the delivery free of charge through ValueWay. Please view the Shipping section for specific detail.

Cannot Registered as Member

If you have completed all the stated New Member Registration procedures but still cannot become a member, please CONTACT US and we will promptly resolve the issues for you.

Log into My Account

Forgot Password

Simply click on the "Forgot password" link on the Login page, provide your email address at registration, our system will automatically reset the password and generate a Verification Email to your email address. Please follow the instruction according to the Verification Email and recreate your password and re-access your account.

Not receiving the Verification Email

If you do not receive the Verification Email after 5 minutes submitting your registration, this email may be blocked by your computer Firewall or by your email service provider, check your email SPAM section to see if the Verification Email is there. Otherwise, please contact us.

Forgot both the email address and the password

When you don't remember the email address and your password for your account, please contact us and provide the necessary registration information and we will expedite your membership.

Wrong Password

When you see the Wrong Password notice from our system, you may have encountered the following problems:

The password is case sensitive, make sure you enter the proper upper or lower case as appropriate.

Your may have entered a password that has a blank space in it, the computer cannot recognize it.

When you keep seeing the Wrong Password notice from our system, you may click "Forgot password" link on the Login page to obtain a Verification Email to your email address and recreate your password and re-access your account.

2. Membership Issues

Changing your personal information

Login to UCanada.com "My Account" (using the email address registered with us)

Click on "My Account"

Type over the information in the fields that you would like to change and click "submit", your new information will be securely stored in our database.

To strengthen your secured access, you may also register your account using a new email address. A Verification Email will be sent to your new email address. Please follow the activation process

Cannot receive email from UCanada

Many email service providers and email client software have filters to block junk or spam emails. Unintentionally our UCanada emails may be blocked. We suggest that you check your computer Firewall setup, email SPAM or JUNK sections. In order to ensure you receive all UCanada email communication, please use the following steps:

1. Add CustomerService to your email Address Book

2. Please check on any folder named "Junk", "Spam", "Filtered/Blocked", or "Trash". If you find any email with @ucanada.com there, please mark it as "not spam" or "not junk/trash mail". Or move it to INBOX. There is an option to do any of this from the functions provided by your email account service.

3. Doing this will indicate that you would like to receive regularly UCanada emails.

3.Shopping and Purchasing Issues

Shopping at UCanada.com

First, you have to become a UCanada member then you can shop, select and get your perfect products. You will enjoy super value pricing and discounts. Please enjoy your shopping through the following steps:

  1. Simply become a UCanada member using your email account, click "Registration" icon, and activate your account.
  2. Search, Shop and Select your perfect products
  3. Get your perfect products and put them into the Shopping Cart
  4. Confirming your order

When you are finished with your shopping, click the Cart or "Go to Cart" button inside the mini shopping cart.

In My Shopping Cart please review and confirm the proper product description and relevant information, quantity and submit the order. Fill out the recipient's information and delivery address. Choose your payment method and pay accordingly.

  1. Receiving your perfect products and providing after-sales service feedback

Before you receive your ordered products, you may click 'MY ORDER STATUS" icon, check and understand your product delivery status. After you received your perfect products, you may click "MY ORDER HISTORY" and provide your feedback. We at UCanada appreciate our valued customers feedback with members reward.

How to search for your perfect product

If you know the name or the keyword of the product, please enter that in the SEARCH box. You may also go to the HOME page and view the individual categories, and you will also find your perfect product there.

How to find out the detail of the searched product

The product page of UCanada will describe your perfect product in detail. If for whatever reason that you cannot find the description, please CONTACT US and we will give you a prompt and professional reply.

4. Issues with Orders

Can submitted orders be canceled?

If you are sure that you need to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible and specify your Order Number. A canceled order confirmation email will be sent to you.

NOTE: Once an order is being packed and dispatched, it cannot be canceled by our customer service department.

Can the ordered quantity, items and delivery address be changed on a submitted order?

Once an order is being packed and dispatched, we regret that we cannot accept any changes on ordered quantity, items and delivery address.

How do I know if my Order Status is established?

When you have successfully completed the ordering process, UCanada will receive the ordering information immediately. After our system has confirmed the error-free status, you will receive the Confirmed Order through email together with the ordered detail, items and quantity.

If you cannot receive this Confirmed Order email due to any external network problems, please log onto UCanada.com, click "My Account" and "Order Status" and check the Order Status.

The Meaning of various "Order Status"

Payment Pending We are currently awaiting payment from you.

Processing We are currently packing your ordered products and getting them ready for shipment.

Shipped Your order has been dispatched by our logistic company and is on the way to your delivery address.

Canceled Your order has been canceled as per your request. All canceled orders will not be dispatched and full amount will be refunded back to your credit card.

5. Issues with Shipping & Delivery

How to choose the Delivery Methods?

UCanada collaborates with a number of Shipping companies to deliver your orders. Our system will form a parcel to one accepted address only, for each order from our member.

Currently, UCanada provides delivery through Canada Post/UPS to handle couriers' services to the Canadian and USA borders.

Parcels delivery to Mainland China will be handled by ValueWay.

How to track the status of my order?

Once your order is dispatched, our UCanada system will send you an email to notify you with a tracking number regarding your order. You may also log into "My Account", "My Order" to check according to your selected Delivery Methods and the Progress Status. Please view the "Track My Order" for detail.

What should I do when my Order has exceeded the estimated delivery time, and I still have not received it?

If your Order has exceeded the estimated delivery time and you still have not received it, we would first suggest that you check online the most up-to-date delivery status with the corresponding shipping company - Canada Post for Canada, UPS for the USA. Check with ValueWay for orders to Mainland China.

If you still cannot get the up-dated delivery information, please CONTACT US so that we can do the follow-up tracking for you.

Related Custom Regulations and Tax items

According to the Canadian Law, orders shipped to international are not subject to any Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), orders shipped within Canada, customers need to pay the appropriate HST or Goods and Services Tax (GST) according to the shipment destination province or territory.

All prices shown on our website are in Canadian dollars, and product price does not include shipping fees and sales taxes.

When you complete your order, we will calculate the required tax and shipping costs based on your shipping address.

Please note that customers will have to understand the related tariffs of their own countries, as well as the relevant customs import regulations. We are not responsible if the purchased product does not comply with the provisions of the import laws and is confiscated by customs or returned. We are also not responsible for any import duties, customs charges and related taxes.

Issues with Payment

What are the methods of payment available?

For the enjoyment of your online shopping experience, UCanada offers various methods of payment. This includes using credit cards to pay online and also using Paypal.

Is the product pricing including delivery fee?

The product pricing does not include the delivery fee. However, for each order with a pre-tax purchase of $100 or more, UCanada provides free Canada Post delivery service within the Canadian border.

Is it safe to use credit card to pay online?

To provide the best and secured service to our valued customers, UCanada has joined the "Verified by Visa" to best protect your online payments. You may enjoy your worry-free online payments.

NOTE: To best avoid any credit frauds, please DO NOT share the same membership account with anyone else.