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    Maple Taffy with Red Maple Leaf Super Mini Tote Bag

    Item #: 03020031
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    • Maple Taffy 150g
    • come with a super mini tote bag (size:13.5cmx12.5cm)
    • Maple syrup flavoured toffee
    • Made with 100% Pure Maple Syrup.
    • Made in CANADA. 
    •  A wonderful treat from Canada.
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    Maple Syrup Lollipop 20g

    • Maple leaf shaped sucker
    • Made with 100% pure maple syrup
    • Wrapped individually with a plastic package

    Toronto Stuffed Animal Moose with Hat & Scarf 11’‘

    • Size: 11''/28cm
    • Moose stuffed animal with hat and scarf.

    Canadian Dream Catcher with Willow Loop - Vision Seeker Amethyst

    •Length: 26cm Diameter: 7 cm 
    •The loop is hand made from the real willow tree
    •Vision Seeker Dream Catcher: Designed to capture bad dreams in the web, and allow good dreams through 
    •The quartz in the centre assists in removing negative thoughts. The stones enhance spiritual communications and guidance
    •Handcrafted in Canada 
    •Proudly produced by Monague Native Crafts, 100% native owned company


    Mlesna Maple Tea 50g

    • The original maple tea made with real maple syrup
    • Capture the fine flavour and spirit of the Maple Tree
    • Packaged in a natural softwood box
    • Includes 25 tea bags (2g each)
    • Can be served hot or iced

    Turkey Hill Maple Butter 50g X 3Pk

    • Net Weight: 50g X 3pk
    • Made with 100% maple syrup
    • Spreadable, very good for toast, bagel or waffle
    • Proudly produced by Turkey Hill in Quebec, Canada

    Jakeman‘s Pure Maple Syrup Canada No.1-Medium 20ml X 5Pk

    • Voted Canada's Best Tasting Maple Syrup - National Post
    • Since 1876, Produced by Jakeman's Maple Products, 5th generation maple syrup producers
    • Five bear-shaped glass bottles in a package, 20ml/0.67oz per bottle
    • 100% Pure Maple Syrup
    • Canada Grade No. 1 Medium
    • No coloring, no additives, no preservatives
    • Reusable glass
    • 40 liters of sap are needed to produce 1 liter of Maple Syrup
    • Maple Syrup season lasts only 4 to 6 weeks per year
    • Canada produces 80% of world’s Maple Syrup
    • A great souvenir to bring home from Canada